Mechanic’s Liens

Can your company afford to lose its Oklahoma Lien Rights?

How critical to your business is an enforceable Mechanic’s or Materialman’s Lien?  For subcontractors, a valid, enforceable Mechanic’s or Materialman’s Lien (Lien) is a valuable right, that if lost, can never be revived. If your company loses its right to enforce a Lien, that right can never be revived.  A valid, enforceable Lien provides the leverage necessary to secure payment from a dilatory contractor.  The loss of that leverage renders a subcontractor helpless and dependent upon the whims of the contractor.  But, a subcontractor who preserves its valuable Lien rights is more likely to be paid by the contractor.

Lost Lien rights can be disastrous to your company!

Under the present law, preserving your company’s valuable Lien rights requires more than just filing a Lien Statement within 90 days from completion of work. Recent legislative changes to the Oklahoma Lien Statutes require a Pre-Lien Notice be sent to the original contractor and the owner of the property before filing a Lien Statement.  If your company fails to comply with the Pre-Lien Notice requirements all or a part of your company’s Lien rights will be lost forever.